An Update on the Book Situation

Back in February, readers on Archive Of Our Own let me know that two different people had plagiarized Fidele. They published it on Amazon KDP under their own names, and in one instance another (terrible) title. I reported the plagiarism and the books were quickly removed, but it still left me upset and doubting my future as a writer.

I removed Fidele from the site and locked it to registered users only on AO3, and removed the free downloads of my previously-published books. I had high hopes for this experiment, but it never really panned out the way I hoped. The plagiarism only added my feeling of failure.

I had a good long think about what I wanted to do. I’ve always been a storyteller, I knew I wanted to be a writer when I was in elementary school, but no step along the way has been smooth or easy. I’d had plans for Fidele, but after the plagiarism incident it seemed to me I’d need to take drastic measures, and soon.

I looked at various publishing partners for indie writers, and decided to go with Draft2Digital, for its variety of retailers and ease of use. I’ve listed Ebony Angel and Aubade with them so far, and I’m pleased with the results.

I’m currently doing one final rewrite/reformat edit on Fidele. Watch this space for updates. More of my previously published books will also be available by year’s end.

Game Day Snack Mix

Strictly speaking, this is a game day/movie night/rainy reading day/I want a snack-snack. I’ve made it today for the family Big Game party, which, frankly, I’m probably going to spend playing Parkitect. (Someday I’ll wax rhapsodic on my love of theme park games.) Basically, it’s all of my favorite snacks put together, always good for a self-indulgent sort of day.

Amounts are whatever’s available or adjust to taste.

  • Small pretzels
  • raw, shelled almonds
  • raw, shelled walnuts
  • chocolate-covered almonds
  • dried cranberries
  • white chocolate chips

Dump into a big bowl. Stir. Eat with something fizzy to drink.

“More time, more time.”

Every year around December, I make a schedule — a list of writing goals for the year, what project I plan to do when, any applicable due dates, that sort of thing.

And every year, for December I just put Breathe.

Oh, there are project and deadlines most years, in addition to holidays and dayjob things to wrap up, but the most important thing is to just breathe.

This has been a rough year, rougher than most, and pretty much every creative person I know has had a hard time creating. It’s not great, but it’s okay.

Just breathe.

We need to be forgiving of ourselves at year’s end; rather than focusing on what’s unfinished and undone (and goodness knows there are a lot of things I intended to do this year and didn’t due to time and health and family and life) we need to shed all that and vow to do better next year.

And breathe.

I know I need to take my own advice. My lament so often is “too many ideas, not enough time.” When asked if I ever worry about running out of ideas, my response is basically, “I could write every day for eight hours a day for the next thirty years and not finish all the ideas I have.” Between all the other life things, it’s getting harder and harder to find an hour or two to write, and there’s a weariness lately that’s set in that makes my brain feel like a perpetual rainy day, dreary and gray and utterly uninspired.

But it’s December. A new year’s coming, with new hopes and goals and things to look forward to, even if it’s looking forward to finishing.


Title quoted from “Year’s End” by Richard Wilbur