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Herbs de Provence
Chef Harry Whelan spends most of the year traveling from country to country, learning new dishes. He always comes home to San Francisco, to his friends and family, including Dix Alexander and the boy Dix raised, Nicholas.

Harry returns from his latest wanderings to find that Nicholas has gone from shy and sullen teenager, to a confident, attractive young man. They discover a mutual love of the dishes of Provence and the town where Nicholas was born and Harry spent a very happy year, Saignon. Harry and Nicholas begin a passionate affair, but Harry is convinced he can never compete with Nicholas’s idolizing of Dix anymore than he can stop his own need to wander.

They’re both searching for home, whether Provence or San Francisco, but maybe they just need to find it in each other.

This book is out of print.

Thyme: Brave and True

Thyme is the herb for courage, something Patrick has been lacking ever since he was publicly humiliated on a national cooking competition. For the past sixteen years, he’s been content to be the personal assistant to celebrity chef Dix and love him in silence.

Between the end of Dix’s long-running television show and accusations of fraud within Dix’s charity, Dix’s world is changing and Patrick doesn’t know his place in it anymore. As secrets come to light, can Patrick find the courage to trust Dix as he once did, and to believe that he deserves it?

This book is out of print.

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